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Delayed Neck And Lower Back Pain After A Florida Car Accident


You got involved in a car accident in Parkland or Coral Springs, but you got out of the accident with no visible injuries. You did not suffer any broken bones or any visible catastrophic trauma. However, days after your accident, you are experiencing neck and lower back pain. This pain is interfering with your life. Therefore, you may be wondering whether the neck and lower back pains you are experiencing are related to the car accident you had days ago.

Neck and back injuries are quite common in car accidents. Whenever a car crash occurs, there is a risk of suffering a neck and back injury. So, if you are experiencing neck and lower back pain days after you had a car accident, the chances are, you suffered a neck or back injury.

The following are some common causes of neck and lower back pain after a car accident.


Often, car accident victims experience neck pain after a car crash because of whiplash. Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip.  If you were in a rear-end crash, the chances are, whiplash is causing your neck pain. However, you should note that you can also suffer whiplash in another type of accident. If during your car accident, your neck moved back and forth in rapid succession while the rest of your body remained still, the chances are, you suffered whiplash.

Sometimes, symptoms of whiplash can delay for 24 hours or even more after the initial trauma. So, if you are experiencing neck pain days after your car accident, you may have suffered whiplash in your accident.

Lumbar Sprains

Lumbar sprains are caused when too much force is exerted on the back. These injuries often occur after a person gets rear-ended or side impacted. When ligaments in the back are stretched beyond their usual range of motion, they become sprained. Symptoms of lumbar sprain, just like symptoms of whiplash, do not always show up right away after a car accident.

Spinal Stenosis

Another reason you could be experiencing delayed back pain is that you suffered spinal stenosis in your car accident. Spinal stenosis is when there is a narrowing in the spinal canal in your back’s lower part. Spinal stenosis can occur in any part of the spine but is most common in the base of ht neck or lower back. Because spinal stenosis develops slowly over time, a car accident victim may not have symptoms until days after their accident.

Disc Herniation

Disc herniation is a common injury to the cushion-like discs that separate the vertebrae. This type of injury occurs when the soft gel-like inner filling of the disc protrudes through the tough outer shell. After suffering this kind of injury, you may not feel pain initially. Usually, a person will experience a lot of pain after the exposed filling comes into contact with surrounding nerves.

Contact a Parkland Car Accident Lawyer

Ensure you see a doctor right away if you are experiencing neck and lower back pain after your Parkland car accident. Also, contact a car accident lawyer. If your accident occurred due to another person’s negligence, you might be eligible to recover compensation from the at-fault party. Contact one of our Parkland car accident lawyers at Lyons & Snyder to schedule a consultation.

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