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Parkland Illegal Left Turn Accident Lawyer

A high number of accidents are caused during left hand turns. These are riskier turns to make than right-hand turns because a motorist must cross the other lane and avoid oncoming traffic. At the same time, a driver must be sure that the road or parking lot they are pulling into is clear. With so much going on, it’s very easy for a motorist to make a mistake and pull directly into someone.

At Lyons & Snyder, we help accident victims like you who are victimized by careless driving. Our Parkland illegal left turn accident lawyer can review the facts, identify fault, and seek compensation in a settlement or lawsuit. Contact us today to get started.

What Left Hand Turns Are Illegal?

Florida law is clear that a motorist must stop at a red light but can make a right-hand turn if the way is clear. However, Florida doesn’t generally allow left-hand turns on a red light, unless you are pulling from one one-way street onto another one-way street. So most left-hand turns on a red light are illegal.

If the light is green, Florida Statutes section 316.122 identifies the duties of the driver turning left. Essentially, the driver intending to make a left-hand turn must yield the right of way to any car approaching in the opposite way or any vehicle that is really close.

As you can see, this law doesn’t require that the driver making a left-hand turn wait forever. However, they can only turn when it is safe to do so.

Who is At Fault for an Illegal Left-Hand Turn?

In most cases, the turning driver will be at fault if they did not yield. For example, a motorist who tries to dart left into their driveway when there isn’t enough room is at fault if they pull directly in front of an approaching motorist.

The same is true if the driver is waiting at an intersection on a green light but doesn’t check that the way is clear before turning. They might not see a bicyclist or motorcyclist bringing up the rear of oncoming traffic and pull straight into them.

Sometimes, however, the driver making the turn isn’t to blame—or they are not entirely at fault. For example, oncoming traffic might be speeding. The turning driver thought he had enough time to turn when, due to the speeding, a car enters the intersection faster than expected. In this example, the speeding vehicle could bear some or all of the blame for the collision.

In other situations, the car that got hit runs a red light, or a pedestrian steps into a crosswalk when signals tell them not to.

Speak with Our Parkland Illegal Left Turn Attorney

Our Parkland illegal left turn accident lawyer will fully review the circumstances to determine likely fault for the crash. If hired, we can immediately begin working on your case. A favorable settlement should cover the costs of the accident, as well as your pain and suffering. To learn more, contact Lyons & Snyder for a free case evaluation.

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