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Celebrating 10 Years Of Lyons Snyder


June 15, 2020 is the 10 year anniversary at Lyons & Snyder. It’s crazy how timing and luck play such a huge part in life.

In 2004, I just passed the bar. While getting sworn in at the Broward County Courthouse, I ran into a guy I met at a local bar just a few days prior.

He stopped me to say, “Hey, a few people didn’t pass the bar. Do you have a job? They need to hire Assistant State Attorneys ASAP!”

Within a few hours, I was ushered into a room and interviewed by 3 or 4 older Assistant State Attorneys, got strapped up to a polygraph device, and serendipitously met Marc Lyons while waiting outside of Michael Satz’s office to sign my 3 year commitment.

Before that day, I never had any desire to become an Assistant State Attorney. I never even took an evidence class. I just fell into the job.

… 4 years later, Marc Lyons and I left the State Attorney’s Office to start LyonsSnyder Law Group.

How I ended up in Pi Kappa Phi is an equally serendipitous story of being randomly assigned a dorm room (1996: Summer B) on the same floor as 2 other (eventual) pledge brothers. If the University of Florida assigns me ANYWHERE else but that specific floor, the course of my entire life is changed.

To quote Dave Matthews Band (Dancing Nancies), “maybe if I took a left turn instead of taking that right, you’d be somebody quite different.”

Things always seem to work out for a reason.

To another 10 years of helping personal injury victims and individuals going through divorce!

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