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Category Archives: Uber And Lyft Accidents


Why You Need An Attorney After An Uber Accident

By Lyons & Snyder |

One common question that arises after a person gets into a Florida car accident is, “Do I need an attorney?” The answer to this question is almost always yes. And, when it comes to people who get involved in Uber accidents, consulting and retaining an attorney is of utmost importance. It is especially crucial… Read More »

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How Florida Law Protects Victims Of Ridesharing Accidents

By Lyons & Snyder |

Online ridesharing services like Uber & Lyft offer customers with a convenient way of catching a ride home or to run errands. But what happens if you are injured in an accident while riding with these services? Can you sue the ridesharing company? Or is the driver legally responsible for any damages? Anytime someone… Read More »

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