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Florida Personal Injury Calculator Do You Have A Case?


Personal injury & pain and suffering calculator

Following a traumatic event, it is common for a potential client to ask our attorneys, “Do I have a good case?”. This question is usually followed up with, “What is the value of my case?” or “What is my case worth?”

Although these are GREAT questions, they are usually asked prematurely. Until your attorney gathers more information as the case progresses, he/she cannot accurately determine the value of your case. They would just be guessing. To that extent, a personal injury calculator used to determine your settlement is something that would have too many variables to offer something accurate.

Average settlement for car accident back and neck injury.

Let me clue you in to a little secret … if a personal injury attorney tells you the value of your case with any specificity before a doctor determines your injuries and likelihood for future treatment, he/she is lying.

The value of your case is determined by economic damages (past and future medical bills + past and future lost wages) and non-economic damages (pain and suffering). Oftentimes, pain and suffering are the biggest drivers when determining the value of your case. Except in catastrophic cases (i.e. death or disability), these drivers are not ascertainable at the beginning of your case as you do not know the severity of your injuries.

With limited information, however, we can offer a personal injury calculator that starts the process of determining the likelihood that you have a good case, or even a great case.

There are dozens of reasons why a case may turn from Good to Great or from Good to Poor. Each case is different; each victim is different.

As the case goes on, and your attorney learns about the severity of your injuries, the value of the case changes.

Following a car accident, and assuming you are injured, below are the questions any attorney will need to know to determine if you have case. This will help you get a average settlement for car accident back and neck injury.

Personal Injury Case Calculator

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Selected Value: 1

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