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3 Ways To Avoid Semi-Truck Accidents


It can be hard to avoid semi-trucks on the road. In fact, there are more semi- and commercial trucks on the road now than there have ever been. Over 70% of all products nationally are now delivered via truck, so it’s no surprise that the highways are full of them. Having more trucks on the road does not inherently make driving less safe, but there are certainly a lot of related risks that increase with them. And as more and more trucks have been hitting the highway since 2009, the number of accidents involving them has increased as well, by a whopping 52%. Considering that the average semi-truck can weigh as much as twelve times a standard passenger vehicle, it’s no surprise that 74% of all fatal passenger vehicles involve a large truck. Additionally, 68% of those killed are occupants of the sedan. For this reason, it is critical that drivers of standard passenger vehicles remain vigilant in exercising informed highway safety, and learn how to avoid potential collisions with trucks.

Tips for Avoiding Large Truck Collisions:

  1. Stay out of their blind spots. Commercial trucks have large blind spots, and it is easy to accidentally drive in a semi-truck’s blind spot without realizing it.   Driving in a blind spot is dangerous. When a truck driver is unaware that you are driving alongside them, they may decide to switch lanes, swerve, or turn, side-swiping or completely demolishing your vehicle before they even know you are there. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see a truck’s side-view mirror, the truck’s driver can’t see you.
  2. Leave lots of space. Trucks weigh more than 12x the average car, and that means that they take much longer to come to a complete stop. This makes it critical to leave plenty of space around trucks, particularly when you are switching lanes. A significant amount of multi-vehicle collisions and pile-up collisions are caused by a vehicle cutting too close in front of a semi-truck, leaving them no choice but to slam on their brakes.   If the truck does not have enough time to break, the results can be catastrophic. This is an important reminder that leaving space between you and a semi-truck traveling in front of you is equally important, as rear-ending a truck can often cause cars to be compressed or wedged beneath them due to the height differential.
  3. Be extra careful in inclement weather. Semi-trucks have a slim margin for error. With a high weight and an easily shifted center of gravity, sometimes all it takes is a puddle of water to overturn a tractor trailer. For this reason, truck drivers often drive much slowly and more carefully in inclement weather. It’s important to understand this, stay patient, and double the amount of space that you would ordinarily give them when driving.

Talk to an Experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Sometimes you do all you can to drive safely and avoid injury, and another driver’s negligence still causes you serious harm. If this has happened to you, either due to the negligence of a truck driver, their employer, supplier, or manufacturer, you do not have to shoulder the burden alone. The experienced Delray Beach truck accident attorneys at Lyons & Snyder are ready to zealously advocate on your behalf and get you the compensation that you deserve.


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