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Why Take Pictures After A Car Accident?


It is dangerous and illegal for drivers to operate their motor vehicles while manually using their smartphones or other wireless communication devices to instant message, text, email, or do other things. Smartphones can distract you when behind the wheel and increase your chances of getting into a crash. So, whenever you are driving, make sure you put your phone away.

Having said that, it would help you to know that a smartphone can prove very useful after an accident occurs. One crucial thing you can do with your smartphone after a Florida car accident is calling the police. After reaching the police, it is usually wise for an accident victim to use their smartphone to take photos at the accident scene. Taking pictures after an accident can help you protect your right to compensation and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Pictures Are Evidence

One of the crucial things you need to support a Florida car accident claim is evidence. After a car accident, different types of evidence can help you support your claim. They include;

  • Police/crash reports
  • Witness testimonies
  • Doctors’ reports
  • Pictures

All the above-listed types of evidence and many others can help you with your accident claim. However, photos are among the best forms of evidence. Pictures can help you prove what happened and who caused an accident. For example, photographs of skid marks, traffic signals, and the vehicles involved in an accident, if taken immediately after an accident, can help tell a story of how an accident occurred. Pictures can also help prove injuries. If the defendant or their insurance company questions the severity of your injuries, a photo of your injuries taken after your accident can help you substantiate your claim. Additionally, photos taken after a car accident can prove property damage. If, for example, the defendant claims your car was not damaged in the accident, a picture of your damaged vehicle taken shortly after your accident can help you substantiate your claim.

What Should You Capture After an Accident?

After an accident, you might feel confused about what you need to capture. Generally, after a car accident, take pictures of as many things related to the accident as you can. Some of the things related to a crash include, but are not limited to;

  • Your injuries
  • Any debris on the road
  • Damage to involved vehicles
  • The inside of your vehicle
  • Damage to other property
  • Traffic signs near the accident scene
  • Weather conditions
  • Any marks on the road, e.g., skid marks

Suppose you are injured to the extent that you cannot be able to take pictures immediately after your accident (which is usually the best time to take pictures). In such a case, you can request another person to take photos for you. If no one is available to help, you can gather pictures from other people who were at the accident scene afterward since people are always taking photos after an accident occurs. Additionally, depending on where an accident occurs, you might find that a traffic camera or business’s security camera captured some images. A skilled attorney can help you recover photos from people who saw your accident happen, a traffic camera, or a business’s security camera.

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