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Is It Illegal To Drive Barefoot In Florida?


If you live in the Sunshine State, the chances are, you have driven barefoot at least once. The weather in Florida is hot, so it seems reasonable to choose to drive barefoot. After a day at the beach, it appears practical to get into the car and drive home without stopping to put on your shoes. However, is driving barefoot legal in Florida? Find out below.

Is It Legal To Drive Barefoot in Florida?

Contrary to what people think, it is legal to drive barefoot in Florida, as long as you do so safely. Actually, you can drive barefoot anywhere in the U.S. without fear of a traffic ticket. While there is no specific law that makes it legal to drive barefoot in Florida and the U.S. at large, there is also no law that makes it illegal to drive barefoot. Generally, if you want to drive a car or even a truck in Florida while barefoot, you are free to do so. Although law enforcement officers caution people against driving without shoes, you do not commit any crime by driving without shoes or with “loose shoes” like flip-flops and sandals. However, just because it’s not illegal for you to drive while barefoot or with flip-flops or sandals doesn’t mean you should engage in such behavior. There are many dangers that come with driving barefoot or with loose shoes.

Dangers of Driving Barefoot

Even though driving barefoot is not a crime in the U.S., it is not always a smart idea to engage in such behavior. Driving barefoot can contribute to an accident. For instance, since the sole of your feet are not rugged, like the sole of most shoes, they are likely to slip off the pedal when you least expect it. Also, it is said that driving barefoot decreases the pressure a driver can apply to the brakes. Unfortunately, driving barefoot poses a threat to the driver driving without shoes, their passengers (if there are any in the car), and other road users.

It is crucial to note that if an individual gets into a Florida car accident while barefoot, they have not automatically broken any laws. However, if an individual causes an accident, and the responding officer has reason to believe that the individual’s lack of footwear contributed to the accident, they can cite them for reckless driving.

Wearing some types of shoes can also increase your chances of being involved in an accident. For example, an open-heeled shoe can easily slide off the foot and cause a delay in braking or accelerating if it gets caught under the pedals. If an accident occurs, and the responding officer believes that the driver’s footwear contributed to the accident, they can cite them for reckless driving.

Compensation in an Accident Involving Barefoot Driving

Suppose you suffered severe injuries in an accident involving a driver who was driving barefoot, and you believe that the other driver’s lack of footwear contributed to the accident. In that case, you need to speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer. You may be eligible to recover compensation from the other driver.

Contact a Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a car accident involving barefoot driving, contact a skilled Delray Beach car accident lawyer at Lyons & Snyder to get legal help.


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