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How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Getting Into A Bicycle Accident?


Bicycle trips account for a tiny percentage of all trips in the U.S. However, cyclists are at a higher risk of accident-related injury and deaths than motor vehicle occupants. According to the National Safety Council, 1,089 bicyclists lost their lives in 2019 in bicycle accidents, and of the 1,089 bicyclists, 712 died in motor-vehicle accidents. Even though it may seem bicycle accidents are inevitable, there are steps that cyclists can take to protect themselves. Here are things that bicyclists can do to decrease the risk of getting into a bicycle accident.

Increasing Visibility

Sometimes, bicycle accidents happen because motorists are unable to see bicyclists. To counter this problem, it is advisable that you increase your visibility as a cyclist. For example, you can do so by wearing bright-lit clothing and putting reflectors or lights on your bicycle.

Obeying the Rules of the Road

Bicyclists riding their bicycles in the same roadway as motor vehicles are required to follow all vehicle regulations. And following all vehicle regulations means, among other things, riding on the right side of the road and with the flow of traffic, riding in the center of the lane, and waiting at traffic signals.

Avoiding Drunk Cycling

According to the NHTSA, one in four fatal bicycle crashes in 2019 involved a cyclist who had been drinking alcohol. It is never wise to ride a bicycle while drunk, just as it is never wise to drive a vehicle while drunk. Alcohol impairs the ability to ride a bike in the same way it impairs the ability to drive and increases the risk of being in an accident.

Avoiding Distractions

Some bicyclists are in the habit of wearing headsets when on their bikes. This behavior is quite dangerous, and you should avoid it. Motor vehicles cannot hear cyclists, so it is important that cyclists are able to hear them. You should also avoid other forms of distractions such as texting while cycling and talking to the phone while cycling.

Wearing a Helmet

Although not related to reducing the risk of getting into a bicycle accident, it is important that we talk about wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. According to Florida Statute 316.2065(3), bicycle riders and passengers under the age of 16 must wear a helmet when riding a bike. With that said, it is advisable that all bicycle riders wear helmets. A bicycle helmet can protect you from head injuries. However, you need to wear the right helmet to ensure you are safe. According to Florida law, the right helmet is one that properly fits and meets the federal safety standard for bicycle helmets.

In conclusion, it is crucial for you as a cyclist to know that you have legal options if a negligent driver hits and injures you. And even if there is something you did to contribute to your accident, you can still pursue legal action against the negligent driver.

Please be aware that you may be eligible for up to $10,000.00 in PIP medical benefits through your auto insurance.  Call us to learn more.

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