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Top Myths About Bicycle Accidents In Florida


Florida has always been an ideal place for bicyclists. Unfortunately, the many bicycles on Florida roads mean many bicycle accidents. Florida has even been ranked as one of the most dangerous states in America for cyclists. Cyclists in Florida usually have to compete with large vehicles, and regrettably, not all drivers exercise caution while driving. Fortunately, in Florida, when a motorist’s negligence results in a bicycle accident, an injured cyclist can recover damages from the negligent motorist.

Because we understand there is a lot of misinformation out there as it pertains to bicycle accidents, in this article, we will debunk some of the top myths about bicycle accidents in Florida.

Myth #1: Bicyclists Are Not Supposed To Be On the Road

In Florida, bicycles are defined as vehicles. So if the driver who hit you tells you that cyclists are not supposed to be riding on the road with other vehicles, you should not believe them. Cyclists belong on the road just as much as motorists do. However, there are specific rules that cyclists need to adhere to when riding on the road with other vehicles. In Florida, bicyclists are supposed to ride with the flow of traffic in a bicycle lane. If there is no bike lane, a cyclist is required to ride as far to the right side of the roadway as practicable.

Myth #2: You Cannot Seek Compensation if You Were Not Wearing a Helmet

According to Florida Statute 316.2065, anyone who gets on a bicycle, either as a rider or passenger, who is under the age of sixteen/ must wear a helmet. However, it is advisable for everyone who gets on a bicycle to wear a helmet regardless of their age. That said, not wearing a helmet does not disqualify you from recovering compensation. According to Florida law, the failure of a person to wear a bicycle helmet cannot be considered evidence of negligence or contributory negligence in a personal injury case.

Myth #3: Bicyclists Are Always To Blame for Bicycle Accidents

The reality is that many bicycle accidents are the fault of other motor vehicle drivers. Many bicycle-vehicle accidents happen because of drivers who are not keen to look out for cyclists. Common causes of bicycle-vehicle accidents include distracted driving, failure to yield, speeding, and unsafe lane changes.

Myth #4: Medical Care After a Bicycle Accident Is Only Necessary if You Notice a Serious Injury

Even if you think you are okay after a bicycle accident, it is crucial that you seek medical treatment. Sometimes, people suffer internal injuries in bicycle accidents, and some injuries take time to develop. Seeking medical attention after a bicycle accident, even if you think you are uninjured, can help you protect your health. Additionally, it can help you protect your right to compensation. When you seek medical attention after a bicycle accident, you are able to establish a link between your injury and accident.

Contact a Delray Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Myths about bicycle accidents can impede you from seeking the damages you are owed. Our Delray bicycle accident attorneys at Lyons & Snyder are here to provide you an opportunity to have a free consultation to discuss your case so you can make the right decision.


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