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Signs You Hired The Wrong Pedestrian Accident Attorney

After suffering severe injuries in a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of another party, it is in the victim’s best interest to hire an attorney. However, it is not enough to hire just any attorney. You need to hire the right attorney if you want to see a positive outcome from your case. Hiring the right lawyer increases your chances of recovering the monetary damages you deserve in your pedestrian accident claim. Fortunately, it is not too late if you hired the wrong attorney after suffering injuries in a pedestrian accident due to another party’s fault. You can replace your attorney if they are not right for you and hire the right one.

But how do you know you hired the wrong attorney? The following are some of the signs you hired the wrong pedestrian accident attorney;

Sign #1: Bad Communication

If the pedestrian accident attorney you hired is not communicating well with you, it is a sign that you hired the wrong attorney. The right attorney will return your phone calls and emails within a reasonable amount of time. They may not return your calls or emails immediately, but they will not keep you waiting too long. Indeed, attorneys are busy people, but your attorney should always have time for you. Also, the right attorney will explain things to you in a clear manner and avoid as much as possible using terms you cannot understand.   At Lyons & Snyder, you will have your attorney’s cell phone number.

Sign #2: Poor Track Record

Indeed, no attorney is perfect. Attorneys win some cases and lose some. However, an attorney who has never succeeded in any case that is similar or almost similar to yours might not be the right one for you. An attorney with a strong track record (even if they haven’t won all cases) will increase your chances of winning your case.

Sign #3: The Attorney Behaves Unethically Towards Others

If, for instance, your attorney works with a third party to defraud the at-fault party’s insurance company, it is a sign you hired the wrong attorney. If your lawyer lies to others, keep in mind that they can also lie to you.

Sign #4: No Respect

If other people, such as colleagues, judges, or mediators, do not treat your lawyer respectfully, it might be a sign that you hired the wrong lawyer. There could be a good reason why your lawyer is not being respected.

It is also a sign that you hired the wrong pedestrian accident attorney if they do not respect other people in the legal profession. An attorney who cannot respect others in the legal profession might not, for example, be able to convince the court to favor you.

Sign #5: Lack of Empathy

If an attorney has no empathy and only cares about making money, they may not put their best foot forward. The best personal injury attorneys care about their clients. When an attorney cares about what a client is going through, it makes them do their best to achieve a positive outcome.

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If you suffered injuries in a Florida pedestrian accident due to another party’s negligence, contact our Parkland pedestrian accident lawyers at Lyons & Snyder. We can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

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