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Plantation Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one are an accident victim, such as a car crash, bicycle collision, or slip and fall, you need legal representation to be fairly compensated for your damages. Insurance companies are not in the business of “handing out money”. While the at-fault party may make offer to cover the cost of your property damage or your medical expenses, it is imperative that you first discuss your case with an experienced Plantation injury lawyer. We have settled cases for 50x, 100x, and in one case, 200x the insurance company’s initial pre-suit offer. Your claim is likely worth substantially more than what the insurance company is willing to offer you.

At Lyons & Snyder P.A., we know the value of your claim and aggressively fight for your best interests, whether in or out of the courtroom. You are entitled to be made whole for your damages.

  • Car Accidents—Around 40,000 Americans die in traffic collisions each year, with car crashes making up the largest number. This amounts to 11.2 fatalities per one million residents annually, according to the III, which is two to three times greater than many other developed countries. Even worse, the number is even worse in Florida. 14.2 people per one million die in traffic collisions in the Sunshine state. While total fatalities in Florida range in the thousands, tens of thousands more suffer serious injuries.
  • Trucking Accidents—Trucking accidents typically involve one or more of the following characteristics: aggressive driving, speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving, and drowsy driving. Large truck collisions result in extremely traumatic injuries for those in passenger vehicles, as well as those traveling by foot or on two wheels.
  • Uber | Lyft Accidents—Uber and Lyft passengers, drivers, and non occupants and those in other vehicles, deserve to be fairly compensated by the at-fault party. We have experience fighting Uber and Lyft so our clients are not taken advantage of.
  • Accidents Involving Children—Any serious injury to a child can have life-lasting implications, either physical or psychological. To ensure a sense of justice and to protect your child’s best financial interests later in life, it is up to you to take matters into your own hands when it comes to compensation.
  • Bicycle Accidents—Cyclists have an equal right to the road, yet are frequently harassed, threatened, or ignored by careless motorists, resulting in serious injury. Unfortunately, Florida is the most dangerous state for cyclists, according to Orlando Weekly.
  • Motorcycle Accidents—Riding a motorcycle has never been more dangerous here in Florida due to distracted drivers who place more importance on their cell phones than the lives of others.
  • Catastrophic Injuries—Catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, facial trauma, and many other injuries that cause patients to end up in the ER or ICU.
  • Slip and Falls—Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of fractured hips, broken wrists, whiplash, and concussions. The property owner should be held accountable when it is found that their negligent actions caused the incident.

At Lyons & Snyder, nestled in the heart of Plantation, Florida, our personal injury attorneys bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to upholding your rights. We understand the profound impact an accident can have on your life, not just physically but emotionally as well. That’s why we stand ready to champion your cause, ensuring you receive just compensation for your injuries.

Navigating the aftermath of an accident can be an overwhelming experience, but you don’t have to face it alone. We are here to offer you guidance and support at every turn, managing the intricacies of your case with expertise and empathy. Whether you’ve been involved in a vehicular accident, a cycling mishap, or a distressing incident involving a child, you can rely on us to be more than your legal representatives — we’re your allies, your advocates, and your partners in the pursuit of justice.

Personal Injury Attorney Plantation, FL

As trusted personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, we at Lyons & Snyder have built a reputation for comprehensive and compassionate legal care. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of personal injury cases, from the jarring disruption of car and bicycle accidents to the life-altering consequences of catastrophic injuries and the heart-wrenching realities of wrongful death claims.

At the core of our practice is a commitment to your rightful compensation. Our team, armed with extensive knowledge and unwavering determination, has championed the cause of justice, securing substantial settlements and winning tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Communication stands at the forefront of our services. We believe in listening intently to your story, clarifying your rights with utmost transparency, and crafting a strategic approach that resonates with your individual circumstances. Our resolve is not just in words but in action. We are well-known for our readiness to litigate, a stance that often prompts insurance companies to offer more equitable settlements.

We prioritize accessibility and transparency, with offices conveniently located to serve you better. Understanding that trust is the foundation of a successful attorney-client relationship, we ensure that we are approachable and available when you need us most.

With Lyons & Snyder, you are never alone in facing the legal complexities of a personal injury case. We stand by your side, advocating for your rights, and aiming for the most favorable resolution. Let us be your guide and ally in this journey.

Get Legal Help For Personal Injuries In Plantation, FL

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury in Plantation, FL, Lyons & Snyder is here to offer the legal support and guidance you deserve. As your devoted personal injury attorneys, our goal is to safeguard your rights and work tirelessly towards securing the best possible outcome for your situation. We understand the immense stress and uncertainty that follow a personal injury, and it is our role to help you navigate the legal terrain with ease and confidence.

No matter the nature of your accident—be it a traffic collision, a slip and fall incident, or a case of medical malpractice—our experienced team has a proven track record of negotiating substantial settlements. Our history of recovering tens of millions of dollars for victims stands as a testament to our dedication and expertise.

What sets us apart is our commitment to being accessible and transparent with you throughout the legal process. Effective communication is at the heart of our practice; we’re here to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and strategize a tailored approach for your unique case. We see ourselves not just as your legal counsel, but as your partners and advocates—your teammates in the truest sense.

Seeking legal help in Plantation, FL, is straightforward with Lyons & Snyder. With multiple office locations and the offer of free consultations, we make it convenient for you to get started on your path to justice. You can count on us to handle your case with the highest degree of professionalism and commitment.

Allow no personal injury to unsettle your life without a fight. Get in touch with Lyons & Snyder today, and let us champion your right to the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Why Choose Lyons And Snyder Personal Injury Attorneys

At Lyons & Snyder, choosing us as your personal injury attorneys means placing your trust in a team that is deeply invested in your recovery and future well-being. Our commitment is to not only advocate for your legal rights but to ensure that your journey to justice is grounded in expertise, personal attention, and a relentless pursuit of what you deserve.

Our seasoned Plantation, FL attorneys bring a wealth of experience to the table, backed by a solid track record of success in personal injury law. It’s this foundation that enables us to stand up to big insurance companies and advocate fiercely on your behalf, ensuring that we do not settle for anything less than the full compensation you are owed.

We pride ourselves on offering personalized legal services. Unlike high-volume law firms, we provide each case with the individualized attention it requires, keeping you informed and involved at every juncture. We believe that your peace of mind is paramount, and our transparent communication reflects this belief.

Our confidence in our ability to represent you is reflected in our no-fee guarantee — if we don’t secure a settlement on your behalf, you owe us nothing. This policy underscores our dedication to your case and our commitment to risk-free legal counsel.

Lyons & Snyder’s reputation for aggressive representation and an unwavering commitment to justice is well-established. Our clients’ success stories are a testament to our legal prowess and dedication.

By choosing Lyons & Snyder, you are making a decisive step towards securing a more hopeful and just future. We invite you to reach out to us — let’s take this stand together. We are here to support, to guide, and to win for you.

Your Rights As A Personal Injury Victim

Understanding your rights is the cornerstone of navigating the complexities of personal injury law. As your personal injury attorneys in Plantation, we at Lyons & Snyder are committed to ensuring you are fully aware of your rights and are prepared to defend them vigorously.

In the wake of an accident, it’s paramount to recognize that the financial responsibility for your injury should not fall on your shoulders due to someone else’s negligence. You have the right to seek fair compensation for all the tangible and intangible costs you’ve incurred — from medical bills and lost wages to the pain and suffering, emotional distress, and the overall impact on your quality of life.

Time is of the essence in personal injury cases. Florida’s legal system sets strict statutes of limitations for filing claims. Missing these critical deadlines can forfeit your right to compensation. But with Lyons & Snyder by your side, you won’t have to navigate this process alone. We will manage every legal detail with precision, ensuring timely and accurate action on your behalf.

Our approach is twofold: meticulous negotiation with insurance companies to secure the settlement you deserve and, if needed, assertive representation in court. Let us take the lead in safeguarding your rights and fighting for the justice you are entitled to.

Why You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

The choice to hire a personal injury lawyer is more than just a legal formality—it’s a pivotal decision that can profoundly influence the outcome of your case. At Lyons & Snyder, we recognize this decision as the first step towards achieving justice and ensuring your rights are fully championed.

Our Plantation personal injury lawyers possess an intricate understanding of Florida’s personal injury laws and the complexities of the legal system. This expertise is essential in navigating the maze of court procedures and avoiding any costly missteps that might jeopardize your case.

When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, our seasoned negotiation skills become your greatest asset. Insurers often aim to minimize payouts, but we’re equipped to counter their tactics and strive for a settlement that truly covers the full spectrum of your losses, from medical expenses to lost earnings and beyond.

Thorough evidence gathering can make or break a personal injury case. We are diligent in our investigations, leaving no stone unturned in collecting the evidence needed to build a robust argument for your compensation—efforts that prove indispensable, especially if your case proceeds to trial.

In the turbulent aftermath of an injury, emotions can cloud judgment. Our role extends beyond legal maneuvers; we provide objective counsel to help you make informed decisions, untainted by the stress and emotional upheaval that often follow such incidents.

Ultimately, enlisting a personal injury lawyer from Lyons & Snyder means securing peace of mind. It allows you to focus on healing, confident in the knowledge that your claim is in the hands of dedicated professionals committed to securing the best possible outcome for you.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

At Lyons & Snyder, we take pride in our extensive experience across a diverse array of personal injury cases. We provide expert legal assistance for a variety of incidents, from the common to the complex. Our practice is well-versed in handling situations ranging from car and hit-and-run accidents to those involving mopeds, bicycles, and rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft.

Each case type brings its own set of unique challenges, and we are adept at customizing our approach to meet these specific needs, always with the goal of securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a primary focus of our personal injury practice in Plantation, FL. We understand the profound impact these events can have on your life. When you work with Lyons & Snyder, here’s what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Investigation: We delve deeply into each car accident case to collect all the necessary evidence.
  • Court Representation: We possess the tenacity to take your case to trial if that is what’s required.
  • Maximized Compensation: Our objective is to ensure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.
  • Complete Case Handling: We manage all aspects of your case, enabling you to concentrate on your recovery.
  • Continuous Support: From the first consultation to the resolution of your claim, we stand by your side.

The aftermath of a car accident can feel overwhelming, but with Lyons & Snyder, you have strong advocates who are ready to support you in restoring balance to your life. We are more than just your lawyers; we are your partners in justice.

Hit And Run Accidents

Handling hit-and-run accidents is a critical part of our practice as personal injury lawyers in Plantation. Such incidents are fraught with unique complexities and present a distinctive set of challenges for the victims.

In the chaotic aftermath of a hit-and-run, you might find yourself uncertain about the next steps. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we assure you that we will pursue justice with determination and vigor. Swift and thorough investigations are paramount in these cases, as is the swift gathering of evidence and identification of the fleeing party. Occasionally, this pursuit extends to assertive negotiations with your own insurance company to secure uninsured motorist benefits.

We understand the emotional and financial strain that comes with hit-and-run accidents, and we are fully committed to ensuring that you receive the rightful compensation to alleviate these pressures. Your battle becomes ours, and we stand ready to advocate for you without reservation.

Moped Accidents

In the vibrant community of Plantation, FL, moped accidents form a significant portion of the personal injury cases we address. Recognizing the severe repercussions these incidents can have, we offer our expert legal services to support victims through such trying times.

As your personal injury attorneys, we are prepared to:

  • Conduct a meticulous investigation of the accident scene.
  • Gather strong evidence to bolster your claim.
  • Engage in strategic negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Represent your interests in court if it becomes necessary.
  • Strive relentlessly to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.

We have witnessed the profound impact moped accidents can have on individuals and their families. It’s our mission to ensure that you do not face the aftermath of such an event by yourself. With Lyons & Snyder as your trusted local personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, you can count on us to stand firm in the defense of your rights.

Bicycle Accidents

In the sunny lanes of Plantation, FL, bicycle accidents unfortunately occur with some regularity, and they are among the many types of personal injury cases that we, at Lyons & Snyder, are committed to handling with expertise and care. As personal injury attorneys, we understand the severe consequences these accidents can have on cyclists who often face serious injuries, mounting medical costs, and a potentially lengthy recovery period.

We stand ready to support you through these trying times. Our experience with bicycle accident cases has given us insight into the specific challenges they present, from complex insurance negotiations to securing the comprehensive compensation you need to move forward. As your personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, you can trust us to tenaciously advocate for your rights and navigate you through this distressing ordeal.

Uber/Lyft Accidents

In addition to bicycle accidents, we have a specialized expertise in managing personal injury claims arising from Uber and Lyft accidents. The intricacies of these cases require a keen understanding of personal injury law, particularly as it pertains to the unique aspects of rideshare services.

Such accidents may stem from various factors including driver negligence, vehicle malfunction, or the actions of third parties. Establishing liability can become a complex affair, often involving multiple stakeholders. The insurance landscape in rideshare accidents is particularly intricate, but our team is adept at unraveling these complexities to advocate for your rightful claim.

We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the necessary compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages incurred. At Lyons & Snyder, your fight for justice is our mission, and we approach each Uber and Lyft accident case with the utmost professionalism and dedication to your cause.

Pedestrian Accidents

As seasoned personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, we bring our expertise to the forefront in representing victims of pedestrian accidents—a sadly common occurrence in our community. At Lyons & Snyder, we are acutely aware of the complexities that these accidents entail, often arising from drivers’ negligence, such as distracted driving or a failure to yield.

The repercussions of pedestrian accidents can be severe, resulting in substantial medical costs, loss of income, and significant emotional distress. It is crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney in Plantation, FL to safeguard your rights and ensure you receive the compensation that reflects the gravity of your situation.

Our team is skilled in constructing compelling injury cases, compiling critical evidence, and conducting tough negotiations with insurance companies. We are steadfastly committed to your cause, offering unwavering support and guidance at each juncture of your case.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Our expertise extends to diligently managing cases of slip and fall accidents. These incidents can have serious consequences, disrupting lives with injuries that may be both painful and long-lasting. As your dedicated personal injury attorneys, we recognize the gravity of such accidents, which may be caused by a variety of factors, including wet or uneven surfaces, inadequate lighting, defective staircases, absent handrails, or improperly maintained floors.

Suffering an injury from a slip and fall can lead to complex medical issues, such as bone fractures, head traumas, or spinal injuries. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we at Lyons & Snyder are committed to ensuring that you are justly compensated for your suffering.

If a slip and fall accident has upended your life, rest assured that Lyons & Snyder is here to support your journey to recovery and to fight for the recompense you rightfully deserve.

Worker’s Comp

Navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation cases is a domain where our expertise as personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL truly shines. At Lyons & Snyder, we understand that such cases are not just about immediate compensation—they are about safeguarding your livelihood and securing your future.

The intricacies of workers’ comp claims can be daunting, but we are here to streamline the process for you. Our role encompasses everything from handling the intricate paperwork to robust negotiations with insurance companies, and if necessary, advocating for your rights in the courtroom. We firmly believe that every worker is entitled to just treatment, and our commitment is to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Embarking on the workers’ comp journey alone can be overwhelming, but with Lyons & Snyder by your side, you won’t have to. Together, we will tackle the challenges of workers’ compensation, fighting tirelessly on your behalf.

AirBnB or VRBO Accidents

In the ever-evolving landscape of short-term rentals, accidents at properties listed on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO can present unique legal challenges. As your personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, we are adept at handling such cases, ensuring that the lines of liability are clearly defined and your rights are staunchly defended.

Premises liability issues often lie at the heart of these accidents, whether due to inadequate maintenance or outright safety hazards. Our expertise extends to a wide array of incidents, including slip and fall injuries, swimming pool accidents, and even violent crimes that occur as a result of insufficient security measures.

Our team is not only skilled in legal negotiation with property owners and insurance entities but also has a proven track record of securing fair settlements for our clients. We are dedicated to navigating you through the complex legalities associated with Airbnb or VRBO accidents, with the singular goal of protecting your interests and achieving justice.

Types of damages available in personal injury cases

In a personal injury case, numerous damages can be awarded to individuals. We’ll discuss economic, non-economic, and punitive damages, how compensation for injuries is calculated, and the process of dealing with insurance companies.

Understanding these points can better equip you for what to expect in a personal injury claim.


During our extensive experience handling personal injury cases, we’ve come to understand that victims are often eligible for several types of economic damages. As your personal injury attorney in Plantation, FL, we aim to secure these for you.

Economic damages can include:

  • Medical bills: All expenses related to your medical treatment.
  • Lost wages: If the injury caused you to miss work, we’ll fight for your lost income.
  • Property damage: If there’s any damage to your belongings, it should be compensated.
  • Future medical costs: Long-term injuries might require ongoing treatment.
  • Loss of earning capacity: If the injury affects your ability to work in the future.

Our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers in Plantation is committed to helping victims recover the maximum economic compensation they’re entitled to.


What about non-economic damages you might be entitled to in personal injury cases? As your Plantation FL personal injury attorney, we’ll ensure these often-overlooked aspects are rightly addressed. Non-economic damages cover intangible losses that don’t have a direct cost but still impact your life.

Type of Non-Economic Damages Description
Pain and Suffering Compensation for physical pain due to injury
Emotional Distress Mental anguish caused by the incident
Loss of Enjoyment Inability to enjoy daily pursuits and hobbies
Loss of Consortium Negative impact on relationships

Understanding and proving these non-economic damages can be challenging, but we’re well-equipped to present a compelling case. Our goal is to get you every penny you deserve, and we won’t stop until we achieve it. Remember, we are your personal injury attorney, your partner in this difficult journey.


While we’re adept at securing compensation for both economic and non-economic damages, we also strive to pursue punitive damages in personal injury cases when applicable. As personal injury lawyers in Plantation, FL, we understand the importance of punitive damages. They’re not just about compensating victims, but also about deterring future wrongdoing.

  • Punitive damages are awarded in cases of extreme negligence or intentional harm.
  • They’re intended to punish the defendant and deter similar behavior.
  • The amount depends on the severity of the defendant’s conduct.
  • Punitive damages are in addition to compensatory damages.
  • They’re not awarded in every case, but we’ll fight for them if applicable.

Calculating compensation for injuries

In personal injury law, calculating just compensation for your injuries is a process that requires precision and an in-depth understanding of both economic and non-economic damages. As your dedicated personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, we work in close collaboration with the Florida Bar Association to stay abreast of any legislative updates affecting compensation in personal injury cases.

To ensure you receive a fair settlement, we meticulously evaluate all facets of your case. Economic damages are the tangible, quantifiable costs resulting from your injury—this includes medical expenses, lost wages due to time off work, and any potential future income loss.

Non-economic damages, while more subjective, are no less critical. These encompass the pain and suffering you’ve endured, emotional distress, and the less tangible, yet significant, loss of enjoyment of life you may have experienced as a result of your injury.

At Lyons & Snyder, our commitment is not just to advocate for your legal rights but also to ensure that the compensation you receive is comprehensive, reflecting both the seen and unseen consequences of your injury.

Dealing with insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies is a critical step in the aftermath of an accident, and it’s a process we at Lyons & Snyder navigate with expertise. As your personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, we are well-equipped to ensure that insurance providers fully acknowledge the value of your claim.

In personal injury cases, the scope of damages encompasses:

  • Medical Expenses: All costs that have arisen as a direct consequence of your injury.
  • Lost Wages: The income you have lost or will potentially lose because of your injury.
  • Pain and Suffering: This includes both the physical pain and emotional distress you have experienced due to the injury.
  • Loss of Consortium: The effects of the injury on your spousal relationship.
  • Punitive Damages: These are considered in cases of gross negligence and serve as a punishment to the defendant.

Our commitment to you extends beyond just legal representation; we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to for the hardships you’ve endured.

What To Expect From A Personal Injury Case

Embarking on a personal injury case can be a daunting journey, but with Lyons & Snyder as your legal advocates in Plantation, FL, you can anticipate a structured and supportive experience aimed at securing the compensation you’re entitled to.

Our initial step is to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique situation. We delve into the specifics of your case, from meticulously investigating the incident and assembling evidence to establishing liability. Our thorough analysis of medical reports and collaboration with experts is designed to construct a robust representation of your case, while you prioritize your recovery.

Negotiation is a critical phase, and as your personal injury attorneys, we engage with insurance companies on your behalf, advocating for a settlement that truly compensates for your losses. Should negotiations not yield a fair resolution, we are fully prepared to escalate the matter to court, demonstrating our readiness to fight tenaciously for your rights.

Throughout the entirety of your case, we commit to clear and consistent communication. Keeping you informed at every step is a cornerstone of our practice, ensuring that you remain empowered and aware of the progress of your case.

Upon reaching a resolution, our support extends to the facilitation of your compensation disbursement, easing the financial burdens of medical costs, lost wages, and other injury-related expenses. With Lyons & Snyder, you have a partner dedicated to your advocacy and well-being.

Personal Injury Case Timeline

Navigating through a personal injury case involves several critical stages, each requiring meticulous attention to detail and an expert understanding of the legal process. Here’s an overview of what you can expect when you partner with us at Lyons & Snyder:

Investigation Phase

Our first step is a thorough investigation to lay a solid foundation for your case. In Plantation, FL, our law firm diligently:

  • Gathers and analyzes all pertinent facts and evidence related to your accident.
  • Consults with industry experts to fortify the case with specialized insights.
  • Investigates the at-fault party’s background and insurance details.
  • Documents your injuries comprehensively and assesses the full extent of the damages.
  • Crafts a detailed timeline of events that is pivotal to your case.

As your personal injury attorneys, we leave no stone unturned during the investigation to ensure you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to.

Negotiation Phase

With a well-prepared case, we enter negotiations with the insurance company representing the at-fault party. Our goal is to secure a fair settlement without the need for a trial. We leverage our negotiation prowess to counteract any attempts by insurance companies to undervalue your injuries or shift the blame. Should these negotiations not yield a just settlement, we are fully prepared and willing to take your case to the next level.

Litigation Phase

Should it become necessary, we’re equipped to transition your case into the litigation phase. This includes:

  • Preparing and filing a comprehensive lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Engaging in the discovery process to uncover all relevant evidence.
  • Participating in pre-trial motions and further negotiation attempts.
  • Representing you in trial with a strategic and persuasive argument.
  • Handling any subsequent motions or appeals as necessary.

Throughout each phase of litigation, we are by your side, leveraging our extensive experience to advocate for your rights and interests. Trust in Lyons & Snyder to guide you through the complex landscape of your personal injury case with dedication and expertise.

Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Lawsuits In Florida

Understanding the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in Florida is essential, as it dictates the timeframe within which you can seek legal recourse. As your personal injury attorneys based in Plantation, FL, we underscore the importance of adhering to these time limits, as failing to act within them can lead to the forfeiture of your right to claim financial compensation.

For most personal injury cases in Florida, the statute of limitations is set at four years from the date of the accident. There are, however, certain cases where different time constraints apply, such as medical malpractice or wrongful death claims, which typically have a two-year limitation period.

Here’s a concise breakdown:

  • Personal Injury: 4 Years
  • Medical Malpractice: 2 Years
  • Wrongful Death: 2 Years
  • Property Damage: 4 Years
  • Product Liability: 4 Years

It’s crucial to get in touch with a well-informed personal injury attorney promptly after an accident. Our team at Lyons & Snyder is prepared to guide you through these time-sensitive procedures, ensuring that your legal action is initiated within the established legal time frames.

What Is Breach Of Duty Of Care

Shifting our focus to a fundamental principle in personal injury law, let’s explore the ‘breach of duty of care.’ As your personal injury attorneys in Plantation, FL, we are committed to empowering you with understanding this critical concept, as it could be central to your case.

A ‘breach of duty of care’ occurs when an individual or entity fails to act with the level of caution or responsibility expected under the law, leading to harm or injury to someone else. If you’ve suffered an injury because someone failed to act responsibly, this might form the basis of your personal injury claim.

The elements that constitute this breach include:

  • The existence of a duty of care owed by the defendant to the plaintiff.
  • A failure by the defendant to uphold this duty.
  • The plaintiff’s injury was directly caused by the defendant’s breach.
  • The injury resulted in specific damages, whether financial, physical, or both.

At Lyons & Snyder, we understand that proving these elements requires a sophisticated legal strategy and an in-depth investigation. We commit to scrutinizing every detail of your case, gathering necessary evidence, securing witness testimonies, and consulting with experts to build a compelling argument on your behalf.

The journey through the landscape of personal injury law is complex, but you need not face it alone. Trust in us to stand by you as your advocates, ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are vindicated. Your battle for justice is our shared mission.

Contact Us Today

If you’re facing the challenges that come after an accident, know that you don’t have to handle them alone. At Lyons & Snyder, we’re here to alleviate the burden and navigate the complexities of the legal system on your behalf. As your committed personal injury lawyers in Plantation, our goal is to streamline your legal journey, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We invite you to reach out to our Plantation office today. Each case is unique, which is why we offer a free consultation to dive into the details of your situation, understand your specific needs, and clarify what you aim to accomplish with your claim.

At every step, from consultation to compensation, we are here to listen, to guide, and to champion your rights. Our team is equipped with the expertise, the experience, and the unwavering dedication required to handle a wide spectrum of personal injury cases. No matter the nature of your incident—be it a traffic collision, a slip and fall, or an instance of medical malpractice—we’re prepared to advocate for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Our track record of successfully recovering tens of millions of dollars for our clients in Plantation is a testament to our dedication. Contact us today, and let’s take the first step toward securing the justice and compensation you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Credentials or Certifications Should I Look for When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney?

When you’re seeking a personal injury attorney, there are several critical credentials and certifications to look for:

  • Licensure in your state: Ensure they are licensed to practice in your state, which in this case is Florida.
  • Specialized training or certification in personal injury law: Look for certifications from reputable legal organizations.
  • A strong track record: They should have a history of successful settlements or verdicts in personal injury cases.

How Can an Attorney Help Me if I’ve Been Injured in a Uber or Lyft Accident?

An attorney can be instrumental in an Uber or Lyft accident by:

  • Navigating the complex insurance policies involved with rideshare companies.
  • Investigating the accident to determine liability.
  • Negotiating with all parties involved to secure the best possible compensation for your injuries.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Fees I Should Be Aware of When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

Regarding costs and fees:

  • Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case.
  • It’s essential to discuss any additional costs that might be incurred during the legal process, such as filing fees, administrative costs, or expenses for expert witnesses.

How Can a Lawyer Assist Me in Cases Involving Pedestrian Safety in Florida?

A lawyer can assist with pedestrian safety cases in Florida by:

  • Helping you understand your rights as a pedestrian under Florida law.
  • Investigating the accident thoroughly, including site inspections and gathering surveillance footage if available.
  • Representing your interests against insurance companies and in court if necessary.

What Is the Process of Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in a Personal Injury Case?

The process of filing a wrongful death claim typically involves:

  • Establishing the death resulted from negligence or a wrongful act.
  • Identifying the liable parties and determining the legal strategy.
  • Calculating the damages for loss of support, services, and companionship.
  • Navigating the court processes to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

For personalized responses to these questions or to discuss the specifics of your case, contacting a personal injury attorney directly will provide the most accurate and relevant information.

Contact a Plantation Injury Lawyer

At Lyons & Snyder, our Plantation injury lawyers take pride in our accessibility, communication, and transparency; we treat each client as if they are our one and only client. Call us today at (954) 462-8035 to schedule a free consultation. We are your neighbor’s trusted personal injury attorney.


About Plantation, FL

Plantation, FL, is a vibrant city nestled in Broward County, known for its diverse community and welcoming atmosphere. With a blend of residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, and lush green spaces, Plantation offers a balanced urban lifestyle. The city is characterized by tree-lined streets, well-maintained parks, and a variety of amenities for residents and visitors alike. Boasting a strategic location near major highways, Plantation provides easy access to shopping centers, dining establishments, and cultural attractions. The city’s commitment to community engagement is reflected in its numerous events and recreational opportunities, making Plantation a desirable place to live and explore.

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Points of Interest in Plantation, FL

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  • Plantation Public Works – 750 NW 91st Ave, 33324
  • Plantation Parks and Recreation Department – 5555 Palm Tree Rd, 33317
  • Plantation Code Enforcement – 451 NW 70th Terrace, 33317
  • Plantation Utilities Department – 400 NW 73rd Ave, 33317
  • Plantation Building Department – 401 NW 70th Terrace, 33317

Parks in Plantation, FL

  • Liberty Tree Park – 7421 NW 5th St, 33317
  • Plantation Woods Park – 5555 Palm Tree Rd, 33317
  • Central Park – 9151 NW 2nd St, 33324
  • Happy Tails Dog Park – 6600 SW 16th St, 33317
  • Sunset Park – 10600 Cleary Blvd, 33324
  • Fig Tree Park – 600 NW 46th Ave, 33317

Schools in Plantation, FL

  1. Nova Southeastern University (NSU): 3301 University Dr, Davie, FL 33328, USA (Public)
  2. University of Fort Lauderdale: 1411 NW 35th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, USA (Private)
  3. Florida Atlantic University (FAU): 777 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA (Public)
  4. Broward College: 1000 Coconut Creek Dr, Coconut Creek, FL 33066, USA (Public)
  5. Keiser University: 2600 NW 15th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, USA (Private)
  6. Everglades University: 1500 University Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA (Private)

Rivers in Plantation, FL

  • New River: This canal runs along the eastern border of Plantation, separating it from Fort Lauderdale.
  • North Fork of the Middle River: This river forms Plantation’s western boundary, dividing it from Davie.
  • Hillsboro Canal: This canal forms Plantation’s southern border, marking the transition to Southwest Ranches.

Highways in Plantation, FL

  • Florida Turnpike (SR 91): This major toll road runs north-south just east of Plantation, offering access to Fort Lauderdale and Miami to the south and West Palm Beach to the north.
  • Interstate 95 (I-95): This major east-west interstate runs about 5 miles east of Plantation, providing connections to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.
  • State Road 842 (Broward Boulevard): This major east-west arterial runs through the heart of Plantation, connecting it to Fort Lauderdale and Davie.
  • State Road 7 (US 441): This north-south highway runs just west of Plantation, providing access to Fort Lauderdale and Northwest Florida.
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