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Coral Springs Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Each year, Florida sees almost 400 accidents caused by impaired drivers. Injured victims not only suffer pain and disfigurement, but they can feel a justified sense of outrage that someone got behind the wheel of a vehicle while drunk or high.

At Lyons & Snyder, we help accident victims hold drunk drivers legally accountable when they cause collisions. These are not the easiest car accident cases to bring. In fact, many hurdles present themselves, so hiring an experienced Coral Springs drunk driving accident lawyer is the smart step to take.

How to Prove a Driver is Drunk

Legally, a person can be charged with DUI in Florida for having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. They can also face charges if any alcohol or drugs impair their normal faculties while driving.

Proving that a motorist is drunk might be as simple as introducing police reports showing the results of breath or blood tests. However, we might rely on other evidence, such as:

  • Testimony of people who saw the driver exit the vehicle
  • Police officer testimony
  • The driver’s own statements
  • Any containers found in the car, like empty beer bottles

Being intoxicated is an obvious example of fault, and you can usually sue the driver for causing your injuries and property damage.

Drunk Driving Accidents & Third-Party Claims

Our clients can certainly sue the drunk driver who is at fault for the crash. However, they might also bring a claim against any third party responsible for providing alcohol to the driver. Florida law helps make this possible in some situations, which can increase the value of your claim.

For example, Florida Statutes § 768.125 allows anyone hurt by a drunk driver to sue a business establishment for serving them alcohol. You can sue if they provided alcohol to an underage person or served a known drunkard. Businesses carry liability insurance policies, which should cover these situations.

Lyons & Snyder always analyzes whether a third-party claim is appropriate and can name them as defendants in any lawsuit.

Compensation for a Drunk Driving Accident Claim

Our legal team has the experience you need to receive compensation for:

  • Your medical bills. This can include the cost of diagnostic tests, surgery, doctor visits, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and other medical care.
  • Lost income. You should receive compensation if you couldn’t work due to injuries, as well as compensation if you can’t return to your job in the future.
  • Property damage, including damage to your car involved in the crash.
  • Pain and suffering, including the physical and emotional anguish caused by traumatic events and physical injuries.
  • Punitive damages. A victim can receive punitive damages when the defendant’s conduct is so grossly negligent that it shows a disregard for the safety of others. Driving drunk usually qualifies.

Contact a Coral Springs Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Although the state brings criminal charges, accident victims should hire their own attorney to file a civil claim for compensation. The legal team at Lyons & Snyder has brought many successful drunk driving claims, so reach out to us today to learn more.

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