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Parkland Truck Accident Lawyer

While trucks and passenger vehicles share the road, they operate differently and the consequences of being in a collision with a truck is much more severe than a small four-door sedan. According to Truck Smart, an average passenger vehicle takes 316 feet to stop when it is traveling at 65 mph down the road while the average semi-truck will take a full 525 feet to stop when traveling at the same speed. If an 80,000 lb. truck collides with another vehicle, it is likely to cause life-threatening injuries for the smaller vehicle’s occupants. If you or a loved one have been involved in a traffic collision involving a truck, it is important that you seek legal representation from a qualified Parkland truck accident lawyer. At Lyons & Snyder our legal team will work tirelessly to ensure you are properly compensated for the damages you have sustained as a result of another driver’s negligence.

Common Reasons Truck Drivers Cause Crashes

Driving While Fatigued—Long hours on the road can be exhausting and while truck drivers have limitations on how long they can be behind the wheel without a break, it is entirely possible that they are drowsy prior to hitting their federally-regulated driving maximums. Even before a driver fully falls asleep at the wheel, fatigue will increase their reaction time, increase the likelihood that they will drift from their lane, and impair their decision-making on the road. If a truck driver does fall asleep, they risk causing a head-on collision and being responsible for fatalities.

Driving While Distracted—Distracted driving is often associated with texting, however, it applies to anything that takes a driver’s mind off of the task, eyes off of the road, or hands off of the wheel. A truck driver who is watching TV to pass the time or taking their hands off the wheel to eat is also a distracted driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 400,000 individuals were injured in 2018 as a result of distracted driving.

Aggressive Driving–Truck drivers, just like any other driver, can become frustrated or angry behind the wheel. If a truck driver follows too closely, cuts off another merging vehicle, or refuses to yield in a right of way they are acting aggressively and irresponsibly. These actions are unsafe and can lead to a traffic collision with injuries.

Cargo Loading and Maintenance—A truck driver or the trucking company can also be held liable for a crash based on inaction taken prior to driving the truck. For instance, if a truck’s brakes, tires, lights, or other safety features are not properly maintained, the trucking company could be found responsible for injuries in a collision. Similarly, it is imperative that trucks carrying cargo are loaded properly to avoid being top-heavy, which makes them more likely to rollover and more prone to steering concerns on the road.

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The Parkland truck accident attorneys at Lyons & Snyder understand how to investigate crashes in order to prove liability and have the expertise required to handle serious bodily injury cases that often result from truck crashes. Contact us at (954) 462-8035 to schedule a free consultation.

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