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Parkland Moped & Scooter Accident Lawyer

For legal purposes, mopeds and scooters are motor vehicles, just like every other wheeled vehicle on the road. However, for practical purposes, these vehicles are not quite bicycles, not quite skateboards, and not quite motorcycles. Instead, they are basically a combination of all three. Basically, the law has not kept up very well with technology in this area. So, the applicable laws are unsettled and the resulting injury claims are rather complex.

The experienced Parkland moped & scooter accident lawyers at Lyons & Snyder routinely handle these claims in Broward County and nearby jurisdictions. So, we are familiar with all the subtle laws and procedural requirements. That includes the written and unwritten requirements. As a result, we pour everything into your claim for damages, so we can obtain fair compensation for your serious injuries.

Types of Scooter & Moped Accidents

If these riders are on sidewalks, intersection collisions are common. Many scooter riders take advantage of the large, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks which are in outdoor malls and other well-developed urban areas of Broward County. Most drivers aren’t looking for sidewalk traffic when they go through intersections. They certainly aren’t looking for scooters.

Even if the scooter rider crossed against the light, the other driver could be legally responsible for the wreck. The duty of care requires motorists to avoid all accidents when possible. This responsibility includes watching out for all other vehicles at all times.

If bicycle lanes are available, many scooter or moped operators ride in these lanes. These riders are vulnerable to right-turn collisions.

When motorists turn right at intersections, they normally look only to the left, to check for oncoming traffic. As a result, they might not see a moped or scooter in the bicycle lane to their right. This failure to look and account for all vehicle traffic is a clear violation of the duty of care.

To avoid these accidents, some scooter and moped riders hug the traffic lane as opposed to the curb. This simple trick annoys motorists, but it does improve rider visibility.

Left turns are even more dangerous. When motorists wait to make unprotected left turns against traffic, they often fail to see moped riders and other non-four-wheel vehicles. When drivers think they see a traffic gap, they quickly accelerate to shoot through that perceived gap. As a result, they cross directly into the oncoming rider’s path. Frequently, these drivers are travelling at or near full speed at the moment of impact.

Moped & Scooter Accident Injuries

Head injuries are perhaps the most common victim injuries in these situations. Frequently, the motion of a crash, as opposed to a trauma impact, causes a brain injury. When people fall and land hard, their brains repeatedly slam against the insides of their skulls. This motion often triggers brain bleeding and swelling. Without emergency surgery, these victims could experience catastrophic injuries.

Even if surgery is successful, the injury is normally permanent. Doctors can keep brain injuries from getting worse. But they cannot ever “cure” them. Fortunately, a physical therapist can often train uninjured areas of the brain to assume lost functions.

Other injuries include broken bones and internal wounds. In most cases, doctors must painstakingly use metal parts to reconstruct shattered bones. As for internal injuries, the aforementioned motion causes internal organs to grind and bump against each other. As a result, they often bleed profusely. This bleeding is difficult to detect and control.

Contact an Experienced Broward County Moped & Scooter Accident Attorney

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced moped & scooter accident lawyer in Parkland, contact Lyons & Snyder, Trial Lawyers. You have a limited amount of time to act.

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