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Parkland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle riders in Florida, much like bicyclists, are almost completely exposed to danger in vehicle collisions. Motorcycles don’t have steel cages, airbags, seat belts, or any of the other safety systems which protect vehicle occupants. Therefore, motorcyclists are about thirty times more likely to die in these collisions. Even if they survive, these victims often sustain permanent injuries, such as severe scars or restricted mobility.

The compassionate Parkland motorcycle accident lawyers at Lyons & Snyder understand the intense pain and suffering these victims must endure. Many of the people on our professional team are motorcycle accident survivors themselves. So, we carefully yet quickly review your case. Then, we lay out all your legal options in plain English. Finally, we never take the easy way out. Instead, we are with you until the end of the line.

What Causes Motorcycle Wrecks?

Motorist impairment causes a significant number of motorcycle accidents in Florida. Some examples include:

  • Substance Abuse: Alcohol and most drugs, such as over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription antidepressants, are usually legal to take. However, it’s always illegal and dangerous to drive under the influence of these substances. Despite this illegality, substance abuse is a factor in up to half of the fatal car accidents in Florida.
  • Fatigue: Motorists who would never ever drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs routinely get behind the wheel after a long day or night. Yet these two behaviors are equally dangerous. Driving after twenty consecutive awake hours is like driving with a .08 BAC level. That’s above the legal limit in Florida.
  • Distraction: On a similar note, driving while using a hands-free speakerphone, which is legal in Florida, is as hazardous as driving drunk, according to one study. The dangers of driving while using a hand-held device are well documented. Other forms of distracted driving, which are much more common, include eating or drinking while driving.

Driving errors, like a simple failure to look, also cause a number of the motorcycle wrecks in Parkland. Most drivers effectively watch for large, fast-moving vehicles. Slower and smaller motorcycles are almost invisible to many drivers. Indeed, many riders who have gone down probably heard the driver give an excuse like “You came out of nowhere.” For legal purposes, the driver might as well have said “I breached my duty of care because I didn’t watch for motorcycles.”

Liability Issues

The duty of care usually comes into play in an ordinary negligence claim. Most noncommercial drivers have a duty of reasonable care which requires them to watch out for other vehicles, as mentioned above.

Most fatigued driving and distracted driving claims involve the ordinary negligence rule. Evidence in these matters includes erratic operation prior to the wreck, device use logs, and the time of day or night. Most people are naturally sleepy early in the morning and late at night.

Our Parkland motorcycle accident lawyers often use the negligence per se shortcut in substance abuse and operational error claims. Tortfeasors who break safety laws and cause injuries could be liable for damages as a matter of law.

These damages usually include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages might be available as well, in some extreme cases.

Reach Out to a Compassionate Broward County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Parkland, contact Lyons & Snyder, Trial Lawyers. You have a limited amount of time to act.

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