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Common Injuries In Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are quite common in the United States of America. Despite the federal and state governments establishing safety measures, such as pedestrian traffic signs and flashing lights at crosswalks, to keep pedestrians safe, thousands of people end up in pedestrian accidents every year in the U.S. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents usually result in severe injuries or death. As pedestrian accident lawyers, we have seen the devastating consequences of pedestrian accidents firsthand. This article discusses some common injuries in pedestrian accidents. This article also discusses what you should do after getting into a pedestrian accident due to another party’s negligence.

Most Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

A person can sustain all sorts of injuries in a pedestrian accident.  Unlike a crash in a vehicle, pedestrians are not encased in a steel and aluminum box.  Injuries are common.  Having said that, some injuries are more common in pedestrian accidents than others. The following are some of the most common injuries in pedestrian accidents;

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissues include muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Soft tissues can suffer injury after trauma. When they hear of soft tissue injuries, many people assume they are minor injuries. Indeed, it can take a pedestrian less time to recover from a soft tissue injury compared to another injury. However, the truth is that a soft tissue injury can be very painful and may result in scars and long-lasting problems.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A pedestrian can end up with a traumatic brain injury after suffering a forceful blow to the head – especially if their head makes contact with the ground and/or violently whips back and forth.  Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries are usually life-altering. For example, a traumatic brain injury can cause functional changes that affect sensation, behavior, thinking, learning, language, and/or emotions.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Quite a number of pedestrians suffer spinal cord injuries every year. A spinal cord injury occurs when any part of the spinal cord suffers damage. This type of injury can also arise when the nerves at the end of the spinal canal suffer damage. Often, spinal cord injuries are life-altering and require long-term medical care.

Broken Bones

Because pedestrians do not have anything to protect them, it is no surprise that among the most common injuries in pedestrian accidents are broken bones. After a pedestrian accident, a pedestrian may break their hands, wrists, legs, shoulders, and/or back. A broken bone can be quite painful and cause long-lasting problems.

What Should You Do if You Have Been Hurt in a Pedestrian Accident Because of Another Party’s Negligence?

If you have suffered injuries in a Florida pedestrian accident because of another party’s negligence, you first need to seek medical attention. Your health should be your priority. After seeing a doctor, you should reach out to an attorney. After suffering injuries in a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of another party, you can recover compensation from the negligent party. An attorney can help you file your claim and fight for the maximum compensation possible.

Note: It is important that you do not wait to contact an attorney, as you do not have an unlimited amount of time to file your claim.

Contact a Plantation Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries in a Florida pedestrian accident due to another party’s negligence, contact our Plantation pedestrian accident lawyers at Lyons & Snyder. We can help you file your claim on time and ensure you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.


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